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The process begins when you fill our our contact form at the bottom of this page. You will receive an e-mail response within 1 business day verifying we received your request. We will then begin reviewing your website.

SEO Audit

We will take a detailed look at every aspect of your website from it’s core focus to its user experience and loading speed. Afterwards we will put together a document of our findings along with areas of improvement. We will also send you a custom re-design to show you how we can Geek-It-Out!

No Strings Attached​

This process is entirely FREE to you. If our vision is not what you had in mind, then there is no obligation for you to move forward with us and no hard feelings. We hope that we helped to give you a better sense of what you may be looking for in a website.

The only exception is that you would have no legal right to the mockup design we sent you and could not use it for your website without approval from us.

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